Tina Tahiliani Parikh is the Executive Director of Ensemble and the stylish visionary behind the brand.Tina has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, California. She started her career as a financial analyst at The First Boston Corporation, San Francisco, one of America’s leading investment banks. Her switch from finance to fashion took place in 1990, when Tina returned to India to take over merchandising, marketing, finance, operations and strategic direction, at Ensemble.

Tina's commitment has been not only to launch but also to nurture local design in a constantly shifting retail market. The challenge for Tina has been to maintain excellent standards despite her passion for scouting the new and unknown. She has succeeded in creating a culture of fashion based on her solid business acumen.

Tina is a perfectionist with an impeccable eye for beautiful things. Her personal style and fashion flair has made her the perfect ambassador for the brand. When interviewed, Tina said,

Ensemble was started by my brother Tarun and his wife, Sal. They had the foresight to launch this creative platform and were greatly influenced, and helped by the late visionary designer, Rohit Khosla.

Over the years, Ensemble has continued this vision and culture of showcasing Indian talent and most importantly helping customers understand and interpret the nuances of not only fashion, but of beautiful pieces.

From fabrics to weaves and textures and colours, each piece of clothing tells its own story. Some of our favourite stories at Ensemble have involved the sari, for example. Reviving, and supporting the sari has been an important part of our work.

Our commitment to tradition is evident in our bridal wear. Young brides who chose to buy their trousseaus at Ensemble come back years later with their daughters to help them shop for their weddings. For me this is one of the most rewarding moments… to watch generations of our clients together on the shop floor.

However, at Ensemble, depending on your sartorial sensibilities, the range extends from, ready to wear basics to avant-garde pieces; an Anamika Khanna cape can be worn with Tarun Tahiliani pants and a Péro scarf. It’s not all about tradition at Ensemble. As our designers evolve so do we.

My job is no longer about shopping. It’s all about visual curating and thereby offering my clients the best of every range. I place a lot of importance on understanding my clientele and engaging with them.

Fashion is not just a shirt or a necklace or a sari. What you wear, tells the story of your life.